Emma Frost (frostyqueen) wrote in danger_room,
Emma Frost

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come into my world...

She thinks, as she steps through the portal, that it's just like going anywhere else...a sort of astral travel, and she revels in the feeling of almost-weightlessness that accompanies her mind. Most people probably don't notice the change, and it's just like stepping through any other door in the mansion, into any other room, for them. She can feel it though, the tangible change.

She's not quite as formally dressed as last time, having opted for a simple white sundress...after all, it was still summer. She looks around the room, once again it's empty, and she wonders if in some part of existence the people who were there last are actually still here, just in some other frame of time. When she approaches the bar, the barkeep smiles up at her and asks, "Your usual, Miss Frost?" she shakes her head, instead ordering a cranberry club soda with lime... "You have anything and everything, I presume?" and she laughs when the bartender slides her glass across the bartop as he replies...

"We do indeed."
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