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the interdimensional playground

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Danger Room
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This is an alternate inter-dimensional community... for whatever your needs may be.

Created exclusively for the members of genxrp, xsomnia, xenogenetic, bayville, next_phase and tomorrowpeople as a co-ed playing field for xgents and xgossip

Just a quick note from the Mod and Moddess regarding the rules of engagement.

Unlike xgents and xgossip, this is a community for actual interactive Role-Play between characters of different games/dimensions. If you have amusing thoughts or questions, please keep those to the aforementioned communities.

You can view the first post to the community made by peter_wisdom for the general premise to the Danger Room. Members are to assume that their character has received a letter, inviting them to the Club, named the Danger Room. With it, they received a key to a doorway found in the location that Pete mentioned in his post. This doorway is an interdimensional portal that leads to the Club.

Posts can be either in narrative format or done as a chat log, this is purely your choice. We do ask that you please refrain from non-RP or out of character comments (direct those discussions/reactions to the guys and gals communities) to allow for smooth play within the community itself.

Try and keep up that fourth wall as much as humanly (should that be super-humanly?) possible. Keep interactions set in the club, which is a dimension that is remote from any of the ‘verses that the RPs are set in. The layout of the club is such that as many or as few people can congregate in one spot. There are also booths, a bar, and probably even private rooms, because we all know what’s on everyone’s mind. That’s right, beating up Pyro. *wink*

And again, just a final reminder that the activities within the club have no weight or bearing on activities in your actual RP verse. It is your character being out-of-character in a controlled environment.

Thanks for your attention, and don't be shy ;)

In-character always, yet out of RP canon.

Direct questions to the moderators: frostyqueen and peter_wisdom.

Have fun, go mad!