Devon (switchmebaby) wrote in danger_room,

The Broom Closet, Part 1

Devon: "What the hell?" Devon looks around. There was a small light bulb overhead, and it's like a small closet. He raises an eyebrow, thoroughly confused how he got there. Um, interdimensional bizwhack, buddy, go wit it.

Alison: The door opens, and then Ali is in there as well, looking confused. "I'm sure this isn't where I ended up last time..."

Devon: He looks up, his eyes windening. "Ali?"

Alison: She blinks slowly, looking at him. "Ah, yes?"

Devon: He smiles awkwardly and holds out a hand for shaking purposes only. "I'm Devon."

Alison: "Oh! Hi!" She flashes her dazzling smile at him, and shakes his hand. "Nice to meet you Devon."

Devon: This one is a sucker for Alisons. Yessiree. "Ditto girl. Ditto."

Alison: She chuckles. "So, do you know exactly where we are?"

Devon: "Well, four walls, a light bulb, and a couple brooms and cleaning things. I'm gonna go on a limb here and say broom closet."

Alison: "Well, I figured that much. But last time, I ended up in a rather swanky club. So I'm curious as to what went wrong."

Devon: Devon shrugs. He don't know nothin bout this interdimensional crap. "Luck? No, wait, that's Domino's game. So.."

Alison: "Must be a random thing then..." She grins. "Not that I;m complaining, really. Good company is always better than good surroundings.

Devon: His grin widens lazily and he leans against the wall, leaning his head back. "Are you implyin I'm good company?"

Alison: "Haven't noticed anything to the contrary."

Devon: He laughs under his breath.

Alison: She raises an eyebrow. "Did I say something funny?"

Devon: "Nah, babe, just thinkin ditto."

Alison: She chuckles softly. "It seems we are in agreeance, then. Is there anything else we should decide on while we're still agreeing?"

Devon: "That you think I'm hot shit?"

Alison: She waves a hand. "Goes without saying."

Devon: He laughs again and pushes himself away from the wall. He loosk her up and down with a slow eye and a smile. "Ain't too bad yerself, girl. And by not too bad, I mean back it up girl, gots to see that again. And again." He pauses and then slows he words down. "And... again."

Alison: She laughs. "You're an utter charmer, Devon."

Devon: "Does that mean my charm is workin?" He raises an eyebrow, smirking.

Alison: She smiles playfully. "Perhaps..."

Devon: "C'mon girl, a smile like that seems to be takin my side," he runs his tongue over his bottom lip.

Alison: She chuckles softly. "Maybe I'm just being coy..."

Devon: "Aight, aight," he holds his hands up, "We can play this coy game, I ain't innocent of it either." He smiles sincerely.

Alison: She laughs. "Oh, the direct approach has its charms as well."

Devon: He nods, somewhat thoughtful, but more for show. "It can be.." he says lowly.

Alison: She raises an eyebrow. "And which method do you prefer?"

Devon: "Personally, I like a lil challenge," he shrugs and sticks his hands in his back pockets.

Alison: She leans back against the wall opposite him. "A challenge can be fun. Or sometimes it's just frustrating."

Devon: "And how will this one be?" He steps towards her in deliberate moves.

Alison: "Oh, I don't know. Depends on the outcome, I guess." She smirks.

Devon: He takes his hands and rubs them together, smiling at her and thinking of possibilities.

Alison: She smiles and pushes herself away from the wall, moving in a step closer to him. Due to the size of the broom closet, they're now practically touching. "What is going on in that devious mind of yours?"

Devon: "Wonderin what it would be like to switch?" He wiggles his eyebrows.

Alison: She raises an eyebrow. "Switch?"

Devon: "It ain't my code name for nothin,"

Alison: "Obviously not..." She smirks.

Devon: He grins as he concentrates on her brainwaves, and huzzah! Switched. Well, that's the cliff notes of it. Um, his mind is in her body and vice versa. He smiles a pretty Ali smile.

Alison: She blicks slowly. Woah. This is weird. Her head is spinning, and that bad male habit of thinking about sex every 17 seconds is making her blush. "Wow..."

Devon: He steps a little closer, pushing his original body against the wall and winking at Ali. "Is this a challenge?"

Alison: "Challenge wasn't the word I was thinking of..." She looks over her body, making a mental note to spend more time in the gym. One hand reaches out to wrap around her waist, pulling the Devon!Ali in towards in her.

Devon: He grins up at Ali!Devon, tracing the seam down the front of the shirt that was actually his but on Ali. Really, this whole thing could get confusing. "And what is the word?"

Alison: "I don't know..." She almost purrs at him. "I keep getting distracted..."

Devon: "I've never quite heard myself purr like that..." He bares all her teeth. He slowly switches their minds back so that he is convieniently the one pushed against the wall by her. He lazily grins at her.

Alison: She chuckles softly once she's back in her own body. "Well, look who I have here..." She traces a finger along his jawline.

Devon: "Lil ol' city boy pinned against the wall, it looks like," he grins down at her, enjoying the tracing.

Alison: "Ah think so..." She drawls, borrowing Rogue's accent temporarily. "And what should ah do with that lil ol' city boy?"

Devon: He lets out a shuddering breath. "Anythin you want."

Alison: "Well, well, well..." She gently taps him on the nose. "You sure you want to leave yourself in my hands like that?"

Devon: "I like to leave my well-being to chance," he says, his voice lowering.

Alison: "I wouldn't call it chance, honey..." Her hand slips to the back of his neck, and she leans in close, a breath away from kissing him.

to be continued..

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