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mod post! change of scenery!

As we've discovered that people are excited about an interdimensional playground where they can dictate their own setting, we've decided to change how the Danger Room works just a little bit. The portal still works the same, in that you can only travel to your own dimension via the main door to the club. However, the extra rooms within the club are also dimensional planes ( completely unrelated to any universe or existing dimension ) where the character can choose the setting. For example, if a group of Bobbys decide it's too hot in the club, they can go to a room and just by mentally creating the setting, they can open the door and step onto a glacier if they so wish. Does that make sense? The rooms can be anything of your choosing, a grocery store *wink*, a library, a garage, a beach. Whatever the character can imagine, the extra rooms are programmed to provide.

We hope that this will be a stimulus for more play, which, as evidenced by the previous group chat, can turn into a hell of a good time. If you have any questions, just let me know!


Hedda / Emma
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