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Danger Room chat part 1

Part one. 13 pages worth of chat. Only another 30+ to go...

GenX Illyanna: *walks into the grocery store, looking for pickles: the school is out of them.*

GenX Jubes: *runs for cheetos*

Bayville Rogue: *back from road trip. needs grub.*

Xeno Remy: *stands in the grocery store, eyeing up the chocolate treats*

GenX Warren: *Is buying alcohol, what else*

Bayville Rogue: *eyes remy*

Xeno Kitty: *Kitty has gone looking for ice cream, the school being all out*

Xeno Remy: *loves his five finger discount and picks up some Oreos and stuffs them quickly into his pocket*

GenX Ali: *storms in for mac n cheese*

GenX Illyanna: ((okay. a LARGE grocery store. :D))

Bayville Rogue: ((super walmart))

Xeno Remy: *turns and noticed Rogue eyeing him up. eyes her back suspiciously*

Bayville Rogue: *raises eyebrow -- and is underage))*

GenX Ali: *over in the noodle section, all angry like. looking to kill*

GenX Jubes: *rounds a corner carrying five or six bags of cheetos, whee!*

GenX Illyanna: *bumps into jubes*

Xeno Kitty: *Kitty picks up three tubs of chocolate and a tub of vanilla She turns and bumps into Illyana and Jubes. Hey, Illyana, didn't know you were coming out*

Xeno Remy: *smiles at Rogue* hey there chere *looks her up and down*

Bayville Rogue: *blush*

GenX Jubes: Cheetos. *hands a few bags to Illyana* I need more.

GenX Illyanna: Kitty! *smiles at him* It's good to see you! What've you been up to? *blinks at Jubilee* What're these?

Bayville Rogue: *to Remy* Hi. *shy*

GenX Jubes: Cheetos. Proof that God loves me.

GenX Jubes: *goes to get more*

GenX Ali: *overhears jubes and illyana in other aisle*

Xeno Kitty: Oh, not much. Hey, you got time to hear that news I was telling you about?

GenX Warren: ((wow, cae made a whole sentence without mentionnig wanking or sex))

GenX Jubes: ((...fldshfls))

GenX Illyanna: ...what news you were telling me about, Kitty? *stares at her blankly*

Xeno Remy: *grins mischievously at Rogue* what you lookin' at buyin' there?

Xeno Kitty: I mentioned it before but you were busy. Don't you remember?

GenX Jubes: *comes back, more Cheetos*

GenX Illyanna: ...I haven't seen you for a long time... *smiles* Maybe I forgot, though.

GenX Jubes: Whee, that should last a day or two.

Xeno Kitty: A long time? We were talking only yesterday! *looks confused*

GenX Illyanna: ...*stares at the pile of cheetos* um. wow.

Xeno Kitty: *notices Cheetos pile* You hungry Jubes?

Bayville Rogue: *flustered* Um... I was looking for cheetos. Or something. *grins all awkward at remy*

GenX Jubes: Kinda. But I had to stock up, you know.

GenX Illyanna: Yesterday? No. Yesterday I went out dancing with Kurt and Tabby.

Xeno Remy: *grins so much his teeth go PING*

GenX Illyanna: ...*looks at her strangely* are you okay?

Xeno Kitty: *looks even more confused* who's Tabby?

GenX Ali: *peeks her head around the corner and sees them and groans*

GenX Illyanna: *smiles* You probably wouldn't have met her. I didn't meet her until yesterday, either.

GenX Illyanna: She's a new student. I... don't know quote what she does. But she's nice.

Bayville Rogue: *inexperienced, since she's like ... young or some shit... and the skin thing too* So... *remyremyremy*

Xeno Kitty: Oh. Well, I've not met her. But I thought Kurt was out shopping with Ororo yesterday?

GenX Jubes: *is eating, and probably thinking about wanking*

GenX Illyanna: ...maybe. *looks confused* but it was at night, so. Jubes, aren't you supposed to BUY those first?

GenX Ali: *wishes she never had sex with devon*

GenX Jubes: *shrug* But I want them now.

Xeno Kitty: But really, we were talking yesterday! *looks confused and upset*

GenX Illyanna: ...but that's WRONG! stealing is wrong! *shocked at Jubilee*

GenX Jubes: *wishes she could be having sex right now*

Xeno Remy: so...? you want cheetos or no chere? *picks up a few packs and stuffs them into his jacket* for later *winks*

GenX Jubes: It's not stealing!

GenX Illyanna: But really, we... WEREN'T talking... just tell me the news? *smiles confusedly*

GenX Jubes: I'll pay for it when we get to the counter!

GenX Illyanna: ...okay.

Bayville Rogue: Later? As in, we'll be hanging out? *bold rogue*

GenX Jubes: *doesn't really intend to, but what Yana doesn't know won't hurt her.*

Xeno Remy: *raises an eyebrow at Rogue* well that all depends...

Xeno Kitty: Okay *still confused* Well, I was talking with Piotr, and we're...well, we're a couple now. Isn't it so great! *looks happy*

GenX Illyanna: *Yana would be VERY upset if she knew*

Bayville Rogue: *grin* On what?

GenX Illyanna: ...I... thought you broke up with Piotr...? *so confused*

Xeno Kitty: What? How could we break up when we weren't going out?

GenX Jubes: *walks off with her cheetos*

Xeno Remy: *leans dangerously close to Rogue and whispers into her ear* on if we get caught *crabs her hand and makes to drag her off*

GenX Illyanna: ...Kitty, are you okay?

Xeno Kitty: I'm fine. Are you okay?

Bayville Rogue: ((eeee))

Bayville Rogue: *OMG*

GenX Illyanna: I'm... fine. *stares at her bewilderedly* I... just thought... you and Piotr and Nate...?

Xeno Kitty: Nate? *confused again* Who's Nate?

Xeno Remy: *blinks as he is overcome by a feeling close to what he imagines getting the life sucked out of you by an evil alien pod creature might feel like and pulls away from Rogue falling over onto the stolen good that fall out of his coat*

Xeno Remy: *twitches on teh floor*

GenX Illyanna: ...did he... [[mindwipe you? ah! that must be it.]] ...never mind.

GenX Jubes: *rounds the corner* Ooh, twinkies!

Bayville Rogue: *stares blankly in horror at remy*

Xeno Kitty: So you're not happy for me? *looks upset*

GenX Illyanna: I'm VERY glad for you and Piotr! *smiles* Maybe he'll be happy again. [[And will stop running away.]]

Xeno Remy: *groans*

Xeno Kitty: *looks all happy again* So are you coming skating next week?

GenX Illyanna: skating? ...I don't know how to skate. *sigh*

Bayville Rogue: *rushes to his side, not touching him, but his coat* Remy!?

Xeno Kitty: But you told me you'd love to come *more confusion*

GenX Illyanna: ...I... did? your name Kitty Pryde? *wonders if Kitty has a twin sister*

GenX Illyanna: *who is INSANE*

GenX Jubes: *seven boxes of twinkies later, she heads for the candy aisle, sees Rogue sitting over Remy, who's on the floor, right in front of the Raisenettes*

Xeno Remy: *is unaware of how much of an inconveniance he is for Jubes and stares blankly at Rogue* wha...?

Xeno Kitty: Yes, it is. Is yours Illyana Rasputin? *wonders why Illyana is being all werid. Maybe the nasty limbo monsters are affecting her brain*

Bayville Rogue: Are you okay -- *sees jubes* Um, hi.

GenX Jubes: Um, hi.

GenX Illyanna: My name is Illyana Rasputin, yes.

GenX Jubes: What happened?

Xeno Remy: *talks like he's had the wind knocked out of him* I've been better...

GenX Illyanna: ...I'd certainly like to come. ...if you can teach me to skate... wait. *thinks* You talked to me YESTERDAY?

Xeno Kitty: Okay. Then either you've lost your memory, or you've been spending waaay too long in Limbo.

Bayville Rogue: He, uh, hrm. *to Remy* I didn't hurt you too bad? *back to jubes* Hi, I'm Rogue.

Xeno Kitty: Yes, I talked to you YESTERDAY. We talked. You know, like we are now...*confused, like I need to say so*

Xeno Remy: *blinks* Ah'm ok. Honest. Just give me a second or three... *mutters* did anyone get the number o' that truck?

Bayville Rogue: *shame*

GenX Jubes: Um, hi, I'm Jubilee. *drops her twinkies, offers a hand*

GenX Illyanna: in... I never go to limbo. *so confused* I don't like to teleport. You know that. I'm not g-... HEY. HEY. Nate came from another dimension. ...*looks at her questioningly* ...maybe YOU did. or. maybe *I*... do you think yo

GenX Illyanna: u can teleport in your sleep? *alarm!!!!*

Bayville Rogue: It's probably best if you handle him. *steps back*

GenX Jubes: You have a twin, Rogue? Because I know a Rogue, too. Only she sucks the life out of people.

GenX Jubes: ...oh.

Xeno Kitty: Another dimension? What? Uh. This is a *grocery store*. And there's no way you can teleport in your sleep. And you *have* been teleporting. You went to Genosha to get Logan, Jubes and Ali back, remember?

GenX Ali: *perks up at her name*

Bayville Rogue: *shame*

GenX Illyanna: ...I don't teleport. ever. I don't have enough control over it. You remember! I teleported seven years once by mistake?

Bayville Rogue: *wait.* Twin?

Xeno Remy: *looks at Jubes with realisation dawning on his slightly less pale then before face* sycks the life out o' people? like a po person from outer space?

GenX Jubes: Yeah, like a pod person.

Xeno Kitty: Yes you do. You went like a week and half ago. You controlled it well enough to bring them back with you...

GenX Jubes: Sure, Rogue and me like to dance in our underwear together.

GenX Illyanna: I never did that. Ever. ...the Illyana you know can't be me. And. The Kitty I know can't be you. Oh God, this is so confusing. *really really really really really worried!!!*

Bayville Rogue: What? *gulpblush*

Xeno Kitty: Ohhh-kay. *looks around at interdimensional grocery store* This place is weird...

GenX Jubes: Yep, it's a lot of fun. I think she's seen more of my ass than Bobby has.

Xeno Remy: *sits up and looks from Rogue to Jubes* ok... Ah... have to be over there now... *stands up and looks at Rogue*

Xeno Remy: *gingerly pats Rogues clothes arm* nice sharin' mah life force with you

GenX Illyanna: It is. Um. Nice to... meet you... Kitty? *smiles* It's too glad the Piotr in my universe isn't dating you. Anymore. Maybe he'd be happier. *sigh*

GenX Jubes: Wait... so. You're Rogue, too? And you do the sucky thing too?

Bayville Rogue:, okay. *embarassed* *turns to jubes* the Bobby I know is gay. And yes, i have a skin condition *shame*

Xeno Kitty: Nice to meet you too, Illyana *smiles gingerly* I hope the Piotr in my universe is gald to be dating me. And I hope the Piotr in yours is getting on okay, whoever he's with...

GenX Jubes: ...oh, my Bobby's totally ungay, actually. And he likes for me to tie him up.

Xeno Remy: *wanders off, looking back at Rogue and Jubes and checkign them both out*

GenX Jubes: And he does this ice thing...

GenX Jubes: *shakes her ass for Remy's benefit*

GenX Illyanna: ...the Piotr in mine keeps running away. *sigh* He was happier when he was with you, I think. I don't understand why he follows Nate everywhere.

Xeno Remy: hell, Ah gotta stay away from mutant women... hot *grins deliciously wickedly at Jube's ass shaking* DAMN hot, but... so much trouble

GenX Illyanna: ...well, I guess I do, but. *sigh* I miss him.

Xeno Remy: *thinks about his wife and shudders*

Xeno Kitty: Who is this Nate guy? He's not around in my universe. Maybe I can be prepared for if he does show up.

Bayville Rogue: ...*flustered beyond belief* I am so confused.

GenX Jubes: *wonders if Remy would like a lapdance.*

GenX Illyanna: Nate Grey. he has... brown hair... with a streak of white... and is skinny... and... this is so strange. *blinks*

Xeno Kitty: He sounds kinda weird. Wait, Grey? Is he related to *Dr* Grey?

Xeno Remy: *thinks about getting a lap dance from Rogue and Jubes at the same time* oh yeah baby. time for a cajun shower

GenX Jubes: ((fdakhfjklhdsfjkhds Cajun Shower?))

Xeno Remy: (mind OUT of gutter! or maybe not;P)

GenX Illyanna: ...he. sort of. in the other universe, she was his mother, but. he. never knew her. it's strange. i don't quite understand.

GenX Jubes: ((JDGFKJSJF))

GenX Illyanna: He is weird. But he's nice. *smiles* He's always been very nice to me.

Xeno Remy: *Remy leaves*

Bayville Rogue: ((alsdkjfa;sl mwahahaha))

GenX Jubes: ((jdsfjsdfjsfkljdsfjls))

Xeno Kitty: His mother? Dr Grey? she's not even old enough to be *a* mother, let alone someone who's dating Piotr. Wait, your Piotr is gay?

GenX Sebastian Shaw: *walks over to the wine section* smolder, smolder, brood, smolder

Xeno Kitty: ((LOL))

GenX Jubes: *Cheetos. Mambos through the store*

GenX Sebastian Shaw: *picks up some chianti* evil glare, smolder, brood

GenX Illyanna:, my Piotr... is... likes people. ...first there was you. Then Nate. Then... you and nate. *BLUSHES FURIOUSLY* ...and then Theresa and Nate. I think. and I don't know what now and I'm SO CONFUSED. *blushing!*

GenX Ali: *hates men*

GenX Illyanna: ((*wants the Devon/Ali log, Kati, for the record.*))

GenX Sebastian Shaw: *notices Dazzle* GLARE *storms over to her* smile

Xeno Kitty: Yeah, I'm confused too! Um. My Piotr *smug face* is only with me. And only recently. And since there's no Nate and no Theresa, whoever she is, he seems quite happy.

GenX Warren: ((totally forgot about this)) *goes back the wine section(I knew there was one)*

Bayville Rogue: ((am actually playing it out now :D ))

GenX Illyanna: I'm very glad. *sad smile* I wish I knew *your* Piotr. I miss having a brother.

GenX Sebastian Shaw: *notices the guy with wings* aproving and respectful nod *turns his attention back to Ali*

GenX Ali: *WHAT THE HELL?* Uh.. sheeit.

GenX Warren: *wearing a trenchcoat, wings a folded, notshowing*

Bayville Rogue: (( too many characters... ali and rogue... hahaha ))

GenX Warren: *nods back and starts looking around*

GenX Sebastian Shaw: *Sebastian has x-ray vision for the purpose of this completly random and crazy chat*

Xeno Kitty: Really? That's such a shame. My dimension's Ilyana is really happy.

GenX Sebastian Shaw: *stands over Ali and speaks in a gentle british accent, softly spoken words somehow carrying the edge of a threat* hello Ali

GenX Sebastian Shaw: (must... resist urge to... do a Hanibil teeth noise thing and brandish... my chianti...)

GenX Ali: Goodbye Sebastian. *but doesn't move*

GenX Illyanna: I. *smile* I'm happy. Mostly. I just miss Piotr. [[and jamie.]] *winces*

Xeno Kitty: Are you okay? You looked really sad for a second?

Xeno Kitty: *best friend instincts aroused*

GenX Sebastian Shaw: *looks around and drags Ali to a dark seculuded corner aka the health food section of the store where noone else appears to be right now*

GenX Sebastian Shaw: Don't you have something to tell me? *smolder brood evil glare*

GenX Warren: *traces the names with his finger* ...white Zinfandel...there we go. Her favorite. *takes a bottle and moves to the frozen food section*

GenX Jubes: *Mambo*

GenX Illyanna:'s. nothing. *smiles*

GenX Ali: O, yeah, I quit. *smirk*

GenX Illyanna: *hugs kitty* I haven't talked to you for too long.

GenX Sebastian Shaw: *is momentarily distracted by the mambo-ing asian girl*

Xeno Kitty: Well, hey, if you want to talk, I'm still Kitty, even if I'm not the one you know. *smiles*

GenX Sebastian Shaw: *looks back at Ali and glares* I don't think so

GenX Jubes: *sits down in the middle of the aisle and Cheetos*

GenX Illyanna: thing I'm curious about... is there a... *bites lip* Jamie Madrox? in your universe?

GenX Ali: I think so. With the whole actual moving out. It's a good indicator Sebastian. Take a hint. *crosses arms*

Xeno Kitty: *Kitty thinks, frowning* I don't think so. If there is, I haven't met him.

GenX Warren: *walks back and notices Lya* Hey lya. Whatcha doing here?

GenX Illyanna: ...*wistful sigh. then* *to Kitty* does anyone in your universe call me Lya?

Bayville Rogue: (( ali's not in a good mood. ))

GenX Illyanna: er, call Illyana. Lya. *so confused*

Xeno Kitty: Nope. We call her Illyana. *smiles*

GenX Illyanna: ...WARREN! *RUNS UP TO HIM, GIVES HIM A HUG* you're from my universe!!!!!

GenX Sebastian Shaw: *breaks eye contact with Ali and looks ate her shoulder. he traces the curve of her shoulder with his finger, along to her collar bone and then looks back up into her eyes* you sure you don't want to reconsider? I am not a man to

GenX Warren: ...uni...verse? yes...sure

GenX Sebastian Shaw: be trifled with... as you well know

Bayville Rogue: *hasn't seen our illyana since forever... must be mod-like rogue-mun and kick her out soon*

GenX Jubes: *eyes a certain person in the health food section*

GenX Illyanna: *points at Kitty* this is Kitty. she's not from this universe.

GenX Jubes: *thinks that she should pretend to need something healthy so she can get a better look*

Xeno Kitty: *waves* Hi, who are you?

GenX Warren: oh hey kitty. wait...from ours? did you drink again?

GenX Illyanna: ...*cross* I don't drink. Drinking is bad!!

GenX Illyanna: Tell her, Kitty!

GenX Illyanna: *him

GenX Warren: ((im sorry, cross that out and replace it with POT-LACED BROWNIES))

GenX Illyanna: ((THAT WASN
words only way has entered the room.

GenX Ali: Fuck you Sebastian. I've left.

GenX Illyanna: 'T HER FAULT))

GenX Ali: (( hey kiera))
words only way: ((Hey!))

Xeno Kitty: She's right. I'm from another dimension or something.

GenX Ali: ((it's kati :D ))

Xeno Kitty: I thought she was my Illyana

GenX Warren: ((she was still frikin hilarious)) kitty? you dont remember me? warren? Wings?

GenX Sebastian Shaw: *leans his face threateningly close to Ali's and speaks with such venom he practically spits on her* I don't fucking thing so you little whore

Xeno Kitty: Uh, nope. We've never met.

GenX Jubes: *creeps over*

GenX Illyanna: I thought she was my kitty. She's nice. I wish she was my Kitty. *sigh* It seems a lot happier over there.

Xeno Kitty: *notices another Illyana*

GenX Illyanna: Kitty, this is Warren. He's dating Monet. *sigh* who's leaving.

GenX Warren: *turns to lya* what's going on?

GenX Jubes: *didn't hear that, whistles, studies Wheat Germ, wishing it were Cheetos*

Xeno Kitty: Hey Illayana...wait, am I dating Piotr in your universe?

GenX Ali: *eyes narrow* You better leave, Sebastian. Walk away from this. *wishes SOME SORT OF THERESA WAS HERE*

Xeno Kitty: Hi Warren *smiles*
words only way: *is in the midst of everything and feels she should announce that she will now be playing Sophie, one of the Stepford Cuckoos in Xenogenetic*
words only way: And yes, yes you are, I do believe.

GenX Warren: hello

GenX Sebastian Shaw: And when did I start to take orders from you?

GenX Illyanna: ...I don't quite know, Warren. But she's from somewhere else.

Xeno Kitty: Pulls her Illyana over to meet Warren and other-Illyana

GenX Illyanna: ...*STARES* ((wait, where's the other illyana?))

GenX Ali: Since I'm no longer one of your bitches.

Xeno Kitty: ((words only way__

GenX Ali: ((*eeep* hehe, ali is creeped out. ))

GenX Illyanna: ((oh, I thought she was playing Sophie?))

GenX Warren: *O.O* This is...just freaky *would make a comment about Jamie but feels bad mentionning him*

GenX Jubes: *closer, because she can't hear*

GenX Sebastian Shaw: You think because there are other people here that - *notices Jubes watching and lowers his voice even more* - that your safe? other poeple haven't helped you before when you've crossed me? what make you think they will now? your

GenX Sebastian Shaw: *he embasises the word* nothing.
words only way: Privet other me! Privet winged-man!

GenX Illyanna: ...hi, Illyana. I'm... Lya. Privet! *in Russian* ::You can speak Russian as well, of course?::

GenX Jubes: *inches*

Xeno Kitty: We think this is some sort of interdimensional grocerey store ((It's a grocer stroe))

GenX Warren: *still wearing a treachcoat, wings dont appear*

GenX Ali: *gulp* I was nothing. *smirk trying to seem confident* Things are different now.

GenX Sebastian Shaw: (interdimensionsal gorcery stores!!! *logs the whole chat for ooc community cross posting*)

GenX Warren: *looks at the bottle of wine*...I dont think I should have any more of this.

GenX Sebastian Shaw: (this si going into the Danger Room)

GenX Illyanna: ((this is the BEST CHAT EVER.))
words only way: :: da, Russian is good ::

GenX Jubes: *oh, yes... hot, hot ass.*

Xeno Kitty: It's not your fault. We're all a little confused

GenX Illyanna: ::...what're the people in your universe like?::

GenX Sebastian Shaw: things are NEVER different Ali. You remember that. It doesn't matter where you go, I'll find you. You know my network. You know I can do it. *notices Jubes getting closer*

GenX Illyanna: ::...did you really teleport people?::

GenX Sebastian Shaw: I'll be watching you

Bayville Rogue: ((hahahaha, god, this is awesome. we should get all rogues or what in a room))

GenX Illyanna: I'm confused too, Kitty. *smile*

GenX Warren: only a little confused?

GenX Sebastian Shaw: *turns on his heals and walks away, putting teh wine back on a random shelf as he passes it*

GenX Warren: ((any other Warrens out there?))

Xeno Kitty: ((not that I know of))

GenX Illyanna: ((dude. Lya meeting another Jamie? would crack me up. SO MUCH.))

GenX Ali: *fights to breath and is shaking now*

GenX Sebastian Shaw: *smiles at Jubes as he walks past, all traces of anger gone and seeming very much like any normal nice guy*

GenX Warren: ((...I have to ask this, Any other Monets? cuz that would be bad))
words only way: Oh yes, I did. It was nothing though ^^

Xeno Kitty: ((who monet? don't think so))
DonetoaTurn: (takes the dog for a walk before it gets too dark)

GenX Jubes: ...*checks him out* Daaaaamn.
words only way: ((I'm going to be playing Domino @ Genxrp, so this is a good introduction to all you members *laughs*))

GenX Warren: ((good. Having another Monet would mean me macking on some random person's character))

GenX Jubes: ((BRB))

GenX Illyanna: I... *envious* you're SO lucky. You have a brother who's around all the time and you can teleport and... *sigh* Your life is not confusing.

Bayville Rogue: ((ooo! kiera's joining!!))

Bayville Rogue: ((and dina and i are making this ali/devon scene hot for you guys :D ))

GenX Illyanna: ...are you dating anyone?
words only way: *pouts* No :-( I've never had a boyfriend. How about you?

GenX Illyanna: ...I. *wince* did. ...and it was happy. but. bad, bad, bad things happened.
words only way: Oh no! That's horrible! *comforts*

GenX Warren: ((someone revinvite me when I come back

GenX Warren has left the room.

GenX Illyanna: ...*is comforted. by herself.* ...this is so strange.
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