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[26 Aug 2003|11:26pm]

The portal that has seemingly opened about the Westchester grounds shimmered with its natural ambience, illuminating the features of the Cajun as he looked upon it. Of course Scott had told everyone to not go near it until it had properly been checked out, so naturally Remy had ignored the order and scoured the rift anyhow. Acrid smoke drifting from the cancer stick draping from his lips as ruby twins looked around and about the gateway. Leather duster whipping about denim clad thighs in the toiling night breeze as booted soles stepped up closer to the anomaly. "Well, aint nobodies gonna be testin' dis t'ing til somebodies be steppin' through it I be sayin', and dat somebodies is why God be putin' de Cajun on de planet, eh?". That cocky smile seemed to be taintd with a little apprehension as he looked back towards the mansion one last time before once more returning his attention to the task at hand. "Aurevoir mon ami's. Jus' be sure to be writing nice as an epitaph" and with those final words he stepped through.

A moment later the devilish grin was once more firmly in place against his lips as the ambient lights strolled across the large club. A heady throb of music permeating from the loud speakers, felt deep within his gut as features were drunk heavily by his senses. What did Scott know? Remy had just discovered a new home from home and just what he needed by the looks of it. A dimensional gateway to a club, saved gas and the effort of riding into town. Casual saunter accompanied by the air of confidence began as the boy from the bayou began to wander towards the bar. He just had to hope that they didnt tend to card you here since he hadnt bothered with any form of identification. Jean clad rumped settling upon leather topped bar stool, forearms resting upon the countertop, he was already beginning to enjoy the break from the homelife and he had only just arrived there.
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The Broom Closet, Part 1 [22 Aug 2003|03:28am]

A Challenge?Collapse )

to be continued..
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mod post! change of scenery! [14 Aug 2003|03:45pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

As we've discovered that people are excited about an interdimensional playground where they can dictate their own setting, we've decided to change how the Danger Room works just a little bit. The portal still works the same, in that you can only travel to your own dimension via the main door to the club. However, the extra rooms within the club are also dimensional planes ( completely unrelated to any universe or existing dimension ) where the character can choose the setting. For example, if a group of Bobbys decide it's too hot in the club, they can go to a room and just by mentally creating the setting, they can open the door and step onto a glacier if they so wish. Does that make sense? The rooms can be anything of your choosing, a grocery store *wink*, a library, a garage, a beach. Whatever the character can imagine, the extra rooms are programmed to provide.

We hope that this will be a stimulus for more play, which, as evidenced by the previous group chat, can turn into a hell of a good time. If you have any questions, just let me know!


Hedda / Emma

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[10 Aug 2003|10:47am]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

He walks through the door leading to the other universe. He's earlier than the few times before, eager. He's hoping she'll be there again. He steps through and looks around, but finds no one but the bartender. He mutters under his breath, "damn". He makes his way to the bar and orders a drink. When the bartender serves him, he goes to the back of the room, where a circle of couches surround a small dance floor. He sits down and waits.

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come into my world... [08 Aug 2003|09:42am]

[ mood | curious ]

She thinks, as she steps through the portal, that it's just like going anywhere else...a sort of astral travel, and she revels in the feeling of almost-weightlessness that accompanies her mind. Most people probably don't notice the change, and it's just like stepping through any other door in the mansion, into any other room, for them. She can feel it though, the tangible change.

She's not quite as formally dressed as last time, having opted for a simple white sundress...after all, it was still summer. She looks around the room, once again it's empty, and she wonders if in some part of existence the people who were there last are actually still here, just in some other frame of time. When she approaches the bar, the barkeep smiles up at her and asks, "Your usual, Miss Frost?" she shakes her head, instead ordering a cranberry club soda with lime... "You have anything and everything, I presume?" and she laughs when the bartender slides her glass across the bartop as he replies...

"We do indeed."

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[06 Aug 2003|06:27am]

Ali saunters into the club, by herself, and takes a seat at a table, high stooled, and orders herself an apple-martini. She waits for company. And hopes she doesn't have to wait long.
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part 3 - aka the not-so-hostile GenX take over [05 Aug 2003|12:09am]

In which Xeno Rogue and Bayville Rogue talk of hurting men and then there are two Logans... and someone actually BUYS something!Collapse )

That was a very interesting chat:P

Yup, us GenX-ers know how to scare everyone into running away like Monty Python extras. With added coconut.
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Danger Room chat part 2 [05 Aug 2003|12:06am]

in which Marie gives up spell checking and editing the conversationCollapse )
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Danger Room chat part 1 [04 Aug 2003|11:42pm]

[ mood | cross eyed ]

Part one. 13 pages worth of chat. Only another 30+ to go...

welcome to the Interdimensional Grocery store, the shop where everything is free and anything can happen….Collapse )

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ooc. rules of play [04 Aug 2003|09:59am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Just a quick note from peter_wisdom and myself regarding the rules of engagement.

Unlike XGents and XGossip, this is a community for actual interactive Role-Play between characters of different games/dimensions. If you have amusing thoughts or questions, please keep those to the aforementioned communities.

You can view the first post to the community made by peter_wisdom for the general premise to the Danger Room. Members are to assume that their character has received a letter, inviting them to the Club, named the Danger Room. With it, they received a key to a doorway found in the location that Pete mentioned in his post. This doorway is an interdimensional portal that leads to the Club.

Posts can be either in narrative format or done as a chat log, this is purely your choice. We do ask that you please refrain from non-RP or out of character comments (direct those discussions/reactions to the guys and gals communities) to allow for smooth play within the community itself.

Try and keep up that fourth wall as much as humanly (should that be super-humanly?) possible. Keep interactions set in the club, which is a dimension that is remote from any of the ‘verses that the RPs are set in. The layout of the club is such that as many or as few people can congregate in one spot. There are also booths, a bar, and probably even private rooms, because we all know what’s on everyone’s mind. That’s right, beating up Pyro. *wink*

And again, just a final reminder that the activities within the club have no weight or bearing on activities in your actual RP verse. It is your character being out-of-character in a controlled environment.

These rules will be posted in the community userinfo for future reference.

Thanks for your attention, and don't be shy ;)

Hedda / Emma Frost ( genxrp )

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[04 Aug 2003|12:04pm]

[ mood | horny ]

Bobby has also received a similiar letter to Pete, so after waking up from being unconscious, he goes for a wander, finding the door and entering.

He glances over at Emma and a guy he doesn't really recognise, but he looks far too much like Remy for anyone's sanity. And besides, he is gay-like, and will not continue to get distracted by Emma. No no no.

So he explores the rest of the room, and then flops down into a seat, waiting for interesting people to show up.

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[04 Aug 2003|10:39am]

[ mood | In the mood for a drink. And some Emma-ness ]

Pete recives a strange letter, pushed under his door by someone, probably in the morning while he was still fast asleep. The strangest part of this is that he hasn't told more than a few people wher he is going, and he doubts anyone knows the actual address. He picks up the envelope, turning it over in his hands a few times. Eventually he shrugs and opens it. The contents are a small key and a brief letter. The latter explains that he now has a membership to a new club called 'Danger Room'. A few words catch his eye. Multi-dimentional travel. Could be some kind of elaborate trap, he thinks to himself, but what the hell, you only live once.

The instructions tell him to find a certain room in the mansion. Find the hidden door in the east wall, unlock it with the key, and step through. He follows the instructions, finding himself in a club. But this is like no club he's ever managed to get thrown out of. Plush is the first word that spring to mind. And there's a lot of red velvet. Some dead foreign tosser's third symphony plays soothingly in the background. The only other person there (apart from a solemn looking gentleman polishing a glass behind the bar) is sipping a lemon martini in a high backed, plush chair. He saunters over, curious as to who is behind all this, and as he steps around the chair, he sees Emma, sitting there in a thin strapped black gown, all silky and shiny. Pete runs a sheepish hand over his three day growth and says simply "I wish you had've mentioned the dress code for this place. I would have put on my good duds"

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ooc welcome. [03 Aug 2003|03:02pm]

Welcome to the co-ed interdimensional sibling of xgents and xgossip, a community created for intra-verse interaction and discussion. Something going on in your verse that you'd like to confer about with other verse's characters? Feel free.

The only thing to remember is this is an In-Character community, with an Out-of-Character climate. That said, what you do here does not affect your RP canon.

To join, simply drop a comment below and we'll get you added as soon as possible! Ta!
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